Truman – Dog Clown


A gift

Timber was my soul dog. When he trotted over the Rainbow Bridge, I knew he would never be replaced. I did not want to replace him. After a year or so, I started thinking about “what if”. I made a mental list of what I would require in a new dog. It was an impossible list. The list was fashioned after Timber’s mature personality with my love of bling animals.

  • Blue merle
  • Big hound type
  • Very responsive to people
  • Therapy dog material
  • Laid back but not lazy
  • I wanted a Australian Shepherd, but also loved Bloodhounds.
  • I searched Petfinder for Australian Shepherd and…

Meet Truman:

Advertised by the rescue the rescue as a Bloodhound/Australian Shepherd mix. He had to be the dog!

Puppy that is gray with black spots
I was suckered in by the pink gummy bear on his nose.
Truman at 13 weeks
The day we got Truman. He was 13 weeks old. He was sweet and very attentive to me. 
Truman and sunny into water_edited-1
It was not long before Truman showed his love for water, and his clownish nature!
Truman licking his Starbucks puppicino.
Truman grew in body and tastes. The pink gummy bear disappeared, but his cuddle-bear nature appeared.
Truman snoozing
Truman grew in to a cozy dog. 
Truman profile
A beautiful, blue merle hound dog.
Truman Presidents Day
He is elegant, well behaved and loves to learn tricks. 
Truman at children's shelter
He is also a well loved therapy dog.
Ironically, although I had searched Petfinder for Australian Shepherd, Truman does not have a drop of Aussie blood. 
truman ancestry tree with pic
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