Timber – Rainbow Bridge

Timber was my soul dog. He was one of the few AKC registered Jack Russell Terriers. He was born in the first years that AKC allowed Jacks to be registered. Then there was a political fuss with a breed specific club and the official AKC dog, if it had long legs became the Parson Russell Terrier, and if it had short legs, it became short version of the name, the Russell Terrier.

We purchased Timber because our son wanted a dog that looked like Wishbone, a wonderful series about classic literature. The main character of course, was Wishbone, a Jack Russell terrier.

Tim on pool edge
Timber was a bit of a clown, and liked to walk on the edge.
He loved people and was a totally fun dog.
Timber as therapy dog
When he was 8, he settled down enough to be come a therapy dog.


Tim rafting
Timber loved to swim, so in his last days, when he could not, we helped him enjoy the water.
He survived being run over by a pony, but as he got older, arthritis in his spine took its toll. To free him from pain, we euthanized him on August 22, 2015. When we were taking his body to be cremated, I received a call from my brother -in-law that my sister was starting the end of her life. It was a hard day.
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