Miss Kitty – Sassy mare

Horse #4

The odd thing about Miss Kitty is actually about 10 odd things.

First, was the way I got her. Zach had trotted over the Rainbow Bridge. I was searching for a new horse. I traveled across Alabama to a well known breeder of spotted saddle horses. He had a mare that was the get of his stallion Marshall Dillon. I checked out the mare. She was very nice, but I just did not feel the connect that tells me “this one”.  I wanted a bay pinto, she was sorrel and white. She was smaller than I wanted. Other than that, she was fine. Driving home, I weighed the pros and cons. I had convinced myself to get her. I decided that if I did, I would name her Miss Kitty. I would call the owner when I got home.

I was almost home when I got a phone call from a man named Wayne. A friend had given Wayne my number. I did not know Wayne but he lived 10 minutes from my home and had a mare he had trained and would like to place. She was a spotted walking horse. I decided to give her a try before I decided to purchase the Marshall Dillon’s daughter.

The next day, I pulled in and saw the mare’ rump. She was crossed tied in the barn, and Wayne was brushing her. She was a bay pinto. My interest peaked. She turned her head to look at me when I approached. She had a sky-blue eye. I still remember the lightening bolt that went through me when she turned her head. My very “real first” horse, Pollyanna, who I loved dearly had one blue eye.

I stroked her and watched how she felt about people. She liked being stroked. I decided to give her a turn around Wayne’s place.

“What’s her name?” I asked.

“Miss Kitty,” replied Wayne.

I almost passed out. I don’t ask for signs, but it is hard to miss one when you run into it!

“Is she a Marshall Dillon daughter? I asked.

“No. My wife called her that because of the blue eye. She’s a character.”

After 12 years of being owned by Miss Kitty the Blue Eye, I can attest, she is a character.

Miss Kitty likes the snow.
She has an intelligent curiosity.
She will walk into the house if given the opportunity.
Trash mess
Something tasty in the trash?

Miss Kitty before and after DDTE

Miss Kitty is an “easy keeper” which is short for she can gain weight on air. I did not know that she showed all the signs of insulin resistance. In 2009, she had a bout with laminitis and founder. My vet, Jacob Cunningham, did the initial save on her life. I thought she was doomed. I researched everything about insulin resistance that I could. There are great websites and groups that can help with this.

The main principles are diet focusing on low carbs and balanced minerals, and exercise. Today  at 16, Kitty has a bit of arthritis, but she is still a happy character.

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