Powering Through

In difficult situations, physical, emotion, intellectual, work, relational, spiritual, etc., a person has two basic choices: 1) Give up/give in/do nothing, or 2) Power through

Give up/give in/do nothing

  1.  Negatives:
    1. You are not facing reality
    2. You are not solving any problems
    3. The problem will resurface
    4. You are giving up on yourself
  2. Positives: (only for a moment, then on to Power Through)
    1. You can learn to recognize your value on this earth and to others
    2. If a situation is truly beyond your control (some are), although you may give up on one goal, you can learn to refocus and create a new goal that fits a new reality. This gives you new power to carry on.

 Power through

  1. Negatives
    1. It can be a rough road
    2. I can be scary
    3. It can be complicated and time consuming
  2. Positives
    1. You learn new survival skills
    2. You can be content that you gave it your all

Just remember it is a good idea to take breaks and rest.


Preparation for Power Through

  1. Learn about yourself
    1. Examine your motivations-we are all in this together (if your motivations are only self serving, please throw them into the junk yard)
    2. Know your strengths and weaknesses
    3. Know your boundaries
  2. Do not adhere to only your own understanding of a situation
  3. Read, and talk to positive experienced mentors, and learn
  4. Determine your goal(s) and focus on one at a time
  5. Examine alternatives
  6. Know how to be flexible without undermining yourself
  7. Know how to ask questions, and don’t be afraid to do so


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